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Why TheNextSoftware

  • Knowledge and Experience – Software developed for, by and with our clients
  • Strong partnerships – Koppelingen met boekhoudpakketten of kassasystemen
  • Fair pricing – What you see is what you get, without any additional costs
  • High service and quality Kwaliteit en service staan centraal bij TheNextSoftware
  • Innovative Toekomst gericht op innovatie en veiligheid van data
  • 2100+ Satisfied clients


Our Products

TheNextSoftware serves to make your live easier! Join our community, try one of our products and discover it for yourself.

About us

TheNextSoftware’s founders are professionals from the hospitality & retail industry. At THeNextSoftware we are convinced that with the current technology time and money can be saved. The focus of TheNextSoftware lies in the development of software and applications that make the life easier for entrepreneurs. Because we are entrepreneurs our selves at TheNextsoftware we understand the complications and can translate these into value adding software.  

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